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How to Monitor the Brix of Fermenting Wine Must

Brix is a measurement of the amount of sugar in a liquid. The sugar converts to alcohol during fermentation. As Brix numbers decrease, the amount of alcohol in the liquid increases. Measure Brix with a device called a hydrometer.

How to Mix Saltwater for an Aquarium

Saltwater aquariums require regular water changes with synthetic salt mix. Otherwise toxic chemicals and compounds can build up in the water and impact the health of your fish and plants. You also need to check the salinity of the water with the salinity refractometer before it is added to the tank. It's important to mix the water properly and thoroughly, and to use purified water. You can obtain purified water at a reduced price at your local fish store.


What Tools Could Be Used to Measure Salinity?

Salinity is the measure of how much salt is present in a sample of water. This measurement is important for many scientific purposes, but in everyday life, salinity is most commonly measured to determine the quality of drinking water and in saltwater aquariums. There are two main tools that are used to measure salinity -- hydrometers and refractometers -- and both are simple to use.


How to Measure the Salinity of a Freshwater Aquarium

The water in freshwater aquariums has almost no salt content. At times, it becomes necessary to add salt to kill bacteria or because of problems with parasites that cause aquarium fish to lose their scales -- the added salt helps the fish maintain salt in their blood during the healing process. However, as a general rule, salt should never be added to a freshwater aquarium. Freshwater aquariums with a higher than normal salt content should be adjusted through a 30 percent water change -- as opposed to the weekly 15 percent water change -- as soon as possible. A salinity refractometer can tell you exactly how much salt is present in your freshwater tank.


Seventh Grade Science Fair Projects About Bananas Ripening

Bananas primarily grow in the hot and humid tropical regions that lie near the Earth's equator. They are typically cut from the plant while still dark green and start to ripen immediately. The starch inside the banana changes into sugar during ripening, making the banana sweeter and creamier. You can use banana ripening experiments to introduce your seventh graders to scientific equipment and challenge their growing academic ability.


What Are Critical Control Points in the Wine Making Process?

There are slight differences to how people make wine at home, according to their personal preference. However, there are several points that are critical for the wine making process to be successful. Also, it is important to remember to use equipment(such as brix thermometer ), containers and bottles that are thoroughly sanitized.


RHA-503C Battery Refractometer


RHA-503C Battery Refractometer is used for checking the strength of electrolyte solution batteries.


How to Use a Refractometer for Beer

 Consistency between batches is one of the most difficult things for a home brewer using an all-grain system to achieve. A hydrometer will accurately measure specific gravity in the raw wort or unfermented beer. A hydrometer is a simple and inexpensive piece of equipment, but it has two drawbacks. First, a sample large enough to float the hydrometer, usually about 500 milliliters, must be taken from the batch and discarded after testing. The second issue is that the sample must be cooled to 68 degrees Fahrenheit for an accurate reading. A refractometer can reduce waste and save time.


RHA-403C Battery Refractometer


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How to Use a Refractometer for Maple Sap

Almost everyone is familiar with the experience of putting a stick into clear water and seeing it apparently bend where it enters. That's because water affects the passage of light, refracting it as a prism would. What's more, water will refract light differently if it has another substance -- such as salt or sugar -- dissolved in it. A salinity refractometer is a device that is designed to take advantage of this to test the sugar content of substances such as maple-tree sap, making it a useful tool for maple-sugar producers.


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