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How to Measure the Salinity of a Freshwater Aquarium

The water in freshwater aquariums has almost no salt content. At times, it becomes necessary to add salt to kill bacteria or because of problems with parasites that cause aquarium fish to lose their scales -- the added salt helps the fish maintain salt in their blood during the healing process. However, as a general rule, salt should never be added to a freshwater aquarium. Freshwater aquariums with a higher than normal salt content should be adjusted through a 30 percent water change -- as opposed to the weekly 15 percent water change -- as soon as possible. A salinity refractometer can tell you exactly how much salt is present in your freshwater tank.


How to Set Up a Salt Water Aquarium

Nothing is more beautiful then a saltwater tank filled with colorful coral and exotic fish, but it does require more work then a freshwater tank.

A saltwater tank requires a much longer set up period then a fresh water tank. This means a significant investment of time and money. A saltwater tank requires more equipment then a fresh water tank, as well.

Not only that, but to maintain a saltwater tank properly, you have to be willing to constantly monitor and adjust the water quality with a Salinity Refractometer or Aquarium Refractometer.

Still all that time and energy is worth it when you finally sit back and enjoy your tank.



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