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How to Convert Baume to Brix

Degrees Baume and degrees Brix  which can be measured by a brix refractometer or sugar refractometer both indicate the sugar content of a substance. Producers of wine, beer, juice, maple syrup, corn syrup and honey use these measurements, according to David Ball in the "Journal of Chemical Education." Measurements in degrees Baume use a scale of specific gravity -- the density of a substance in relation to the density of water -- and are used when there is a known relationship between the sugar concentration and the specific gravity of the substance. Measurements in degrees Brix indicate the number of grams of sucrose per 100 grams of the substance; 10 degrees Brix means 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams.


1 Check to ensure that the specific gravity of the substance characterized using degrees Baume is greater than that of water. The Baume scale uses a different scale for substances with a specific gravity less than that of water, but for grapes and syrups the density should be greater.

2 Multiply the degrees Baume by 1.905.

3 Subtract 1.6 from this number to obtain degrees Brix.

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