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How to Repair a Refractometer

A refractometer is a laboratory device -- or sometimes a field device, in the case of handheld versions -- which is used to measure the index of refraction. Modern refractometers, such as brix refractometer ,salinity refractometer, give out detailed readings which are based on the tightest parameters, and reliant on sufficient power reaching the system to facilitate the unit to work. Any number of things could go wrong with the process -- some of which will require the unit to be sent for servicing, but some which you could carry out yourself if you have the expertise.

1 Replace a faulty fuse. This problem will be indicated by the differential refractometer failing to power on, the display being blank or the fan refusing to engage. To replace, find the fuse holder slot, inches above the power input, and pull with minimum force to remove the holder from the rear panel. Place a new fuse in the same slot and turn on the machine.

2 Repair a gradually drifting baseline by changing the location of the unit and ensuring it is clear of air conditioning vents, chance breezes and direct sunlight.

3 Fix erratic retention times by cleaning, replacing or rebuilding (as required, once visually inspected) the pump check valve, as a malfunction with this component will cause this fault in the unit.

4 Visually inspect the type of cabling being used with the unit, and check that the wiring is properly shielded and in no way frayed or damaged. You should be using the shortest lengths of cabling possible, and the cables should be shielded. Making sure this is the case will fix excess electronic noise with the unit.

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