Refractometer Catagories

Introduction to Alcohol Refractometer

[ 2012-6-18 ]

Alcohol Refractometer is developed for measuring the predicted actual alcohol content. RHW-80ATC helps in monitoring the best time to manufacture or brew the grape wine. With one or two drops of the distilled sample on the prism, the RHW-80ATC can quickly and accurately measure the predicted actual alcohol content in accordance with established international standards. The measuring procedure isní»t difficult, just clean the alcohol refractometer before using & once the distilled sample liquid is in place make sure that no air bubbles are appearing. This refractometer can be used for the still raw or before and after manufactured finished product just as long as the sample to be tested is distilled. Ití»s fully equipped with ATC that automatically adjust itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use and is capable of measuring with high accuracy and provides precise results. Ití»s equipped with vivid and sharp reticle chart for easy and comfortable reading. It uses ambient light only and no batteries are needed.